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So most of us are 9 weeks in not working and got to say it's a funny old time.

I’ve tried staying positive and being useful around the home (not always succeeding) but, alongside teaching my 6yo twins things I assumed they would already know at school 🤔 I’m still keeping positive.

But what I’ve tried to do is use this time constructively.

So I’ve finally unpacked and learnt how to use my Ronin S gimbal properly, which is daft it took so long as I bought it 18months ago 🤔, I’ve also learnt to set up my motorised slider properly (well sort of 😀) also around 18months since buying.

I’ve taken on and passed a “Health and Safety level 3” course online.

I've also sat an online “Risk Assessment” course which I passed.

I’m learning to stream live on the OBS Studio using the kit I have (no idea if I will ever use it).

Anyway it’s been a useful time personally if not financially as well as an eye opener. Finally I hope you all stay safe and don’t get too twitchy at wanting to get back on the daily treadmill. If we don’t sit this out till it’s sorted it will be back later in the year and I for one don’t fancy sitting at home indefinitely during October or November when the weather is not as forgiving as it has been (today not included).

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